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The Legal Rap

13/01/2024by pintocamp

Yo, listen up, I got some legal info for ya,

Check it out, fill out the Texas independent contractor form,

Make sure your marriage ain’t no sham, find out if it’s considered a state registered domestic partnership, bam!

Business documents are important, that’s a fact, learn about it right here, don’t slack,

If you need legal help in Lancaster, look no further than The Law Store, they got your back,

Run a tight ship with the Regus house rules, don’t be a fool, follow the guidelines, don’t be a tool,

Heading to Singapore? Know the entry rules like the back of your hand, don’t get caught in a jam,

Environmental policy is key, ISO 14001 has the requirements you need to see, keep it green, that’s the key,

Legal knowledge is power, learn about the law book contents, don’t cower,

Terminating a business associate agreement? Get the legal guide, no need to hedge,

And last but not least, understand the guarantor information on medical forms, don’t be in the dark, don’t be misinformed,

That’s the legal rap, hope you got the info, now go out there and kill it, go with the flow!